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Planning for Retirement 

This crucially important part of your financial plan will ensure that we create a retirement plan that’s tailor-made for you.

You may have existing pension plans in place, such as a company pension or personal pension plan, or perhaps you are just starting to save. Maybe you are ready for retirement or already retired. As always we will listen to your retirement ambitions and help you select the most suitable form of retirement plan to meet your needs.

How much will you need for your retirement?

The answer to this of course, depends on your aspirations. What will you want to do? What will your day to day expenses be? What will the costs of day-to-day living be for me (and my partner) in retirement? What else will I want to do now I have time on my hands? What expenses will disappear e.g. children, mortgage repayments etc.

Once you come up with a figure, add in an amount as a buffer against the unforeseen and unexpected. Now you will have arrived at the amount of pension that you should ideally be planning for. Also bear in mind that pensions are taxable, so you may need to allow for income tax when arriving at your final pension figure.


Getting ready to Retire

Getting ready for retirement is about planning. Planning what you want to do, when you want to do it. It means deciding how you want to spend your time, and your money, and then taking the action you need to achieve what you want to change for the better in your life. If you do that you can have a life after work.

Financially you’ll find you have a number of choices which could include maximizing your pension contributions and obtaining the most out of available tax allowances. We will ensure that you have considered all relevant factors and have an appropriate plan in place.