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Friday, July 21, 2017

That shrinking feeling

Don’t let your portfolio wealth simply drain away

Millions of Britons could see their savings shrink because they don’t know how to shield them from rising inflation. The findings are according to research by YouGov for Zurich which found more than a third (37%) of people aged 18 to 65 plus are in the dark over ways to grow their savings enough to at least keep up with rising prices. There are a number of different factors that may create inflationary pressure in an economy. Rising commodity prices can have a major impact, particularly higher oil prices, as this translates into steeper petrol costs for consumers.

Stronger economic growth pushes up inflation too, as increasing demand for goods and services places pressure on supplies, which may in turn lead to companies raising their prices. The falling pound since Britain’s vote to leave the EU in June last year and the 2017 UK general election result is also contributing to higher inflation in the UK, as it makes the cost of importing goods from overseas more expensive.
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